Contact Me Securely


You can chat with me securely using Signal (just ask me for my number) or over any OTR-enabled chat program like Adium. My OTR fingerprint is: C5D1CAA2 DB77DCCB FEE26A2F 791963C6 73212642.


You can email me at If you’d like something a little more secure, there are a few options:

Proton Mail

Guerrilla Mail

For simple, anonymous tips, you can set up a disposable email address here, though the email address may expire before I’m able to respond.


For particularly sensitive files and to ensure anonymity, you can send me a message using HuffPost’s SecureDrop. You can read more about what SecureDrop is and how to use it here.


To send me encrypted email, you can set up PGP using the instructions here. You can find my public key here.


You can always send me physical letters, files, Donald Trump’s tax returns, what have you, using the U.S. Postal Service. This will often be more secure than digital methods (assuming you don’t include any identifying details). Send me stuff here:

Ashley Feinberg
HuffPost, Floor 4
770 Broadway
New York, NY 10003